Newsletter 03

The LEX(e)CON partners have developed the material for the 2nd Project Result: Training Course, that focuses on training people who will support adults living with dyslexia and promoting their entrepreneurial spirit by learning strategies and useful information to run their own business.

Moreover, all the material will be uploaded soon on the Online Learning Platform (PR3), and it will be developed in a form of 4 modules that include useful information, some case studies, and exercises for people living with dyslexia that want to become an entrepreneur. In addition, the course will be accompanied by the “ISO 17024” certification that will be open to all institutions which want to actively support people with Dyslexia.

Finally, during the past 10th & 11th of October partners held an LTTA – Train the Trainer Course in Valencia, Spain, where partners focused on the modules developed and discussed about some improvements to be done to facilitate learning for people with difficulties, as well as talking about the development of the following result, such as PR4 – Certification, that will be the certification of the Training Course.

Thanks for your attention and stay tuned for more news and results about the project LEX(e)CON

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